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child supportFamily Law is a field of law that deals with the workings of a broken or distressed family. Situations such as divorce and separation often require assistance from an experienced family law attorney. Going to a family law trial without appropriate representation is never wise because of the complexity of each sub-category of the field. An experienced family law attorney can help a spouse or parent in a number of ways. First, the attorney can provide the person with moral support. Divorces and separations are stressful events, and parents should try to decrease their burdens as much as possible in the midst of such hearings. Secondly, an experienced attorney can work to ensure that an ex-spouse or custodial parent receives the amount of support to which he or she is entitled under the law. Thirdly, the attorney can work toward a mutual resolution between the parties by preparing a written settlement agreement.

A divorcing party can contact a St. Petersburg family law attorney and request an initial free consultation. During the consultation, one of our attorneys can explain the process and let the person know his or her rights and options. If you're struggling with a family law case, Scott and Fenderson can help - contact us today for peace of mind and attentive client care directly from an actual attorney.

St. Petersburg Child Support

Judges determine the amount of child support that a custodial party receives based on information such as each parties net monthly income, child care costs, health insurance costs, and number of children. The total net income is the amount of money that both parents bring home every month. Expenses include the cost of health insurance, and day care costs and medications, and medical appointments not covered by health insurance. The number of children that the custodial parent has to take care of makes a difference in the amount of support that he or she will receive. The judge will also consider the number of nights that the children spend with each parent. The child support system is quite complex. Therefore, parents who want to ensure that they receive the correct amount will want to call a lawyer for assistance with child support.

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